SOLLISTICITIES - Revitalise lost worlds - open for constructive feedback - Co-creative emergent endeavour con a mechanical base.

SOLLISTICITIES S.I.C. - C.I.S. - Castle in a sky - is the new ~10 year programme I initiated to figure out possible pathways to combine the philosophies and practical know-how of as well steampunk, permaculture and cyberpunk narratives. By synchronizing these systemologies into a threefold hybrid logic perhaps an ideal like that of the Venus project a.e. can be realized for REAL. I have been describing such an O.G. vision/potential for 8 years on my blog. I think it is about time to rally towards a tangible reality in which people can surthrive for new experiences of being among others and themselves in either small tribal O.T.M. lifestyles into local communities, villages, towns, cities, metropoles, regions, countries, agglomerates like the EU, international alignments and perhaps one for all, all for one to propel Gaia as stewards into Da Inter-Galatic Original Gaia Dream. Hence remembrance into lost worlds -