The role you play in the expansion of the universe

The universe is always unfolding itself into more expressions of existence. You are also an extension of[…]

The chains of ones society are your best teacher

Alowa seeder, It does not matter if you are aware or unaware of the limitations nor opportunities[…]

Enlightenment is there just lighten up..

Dear transcribers, readers, traitors, readers, prosumers, consumers and mind suckers, Welcome or doordrong to this blog, please[…]

The sailors of the embodied soul

The sailors are bending the waters, they move with oceans like a leaf is floating in the[…]

”How to find your way through the concrete jungle we call (post) modern society”

Hi reader, How to bunker through post-contemporary society? 2. How to outteater your psychosis/burnout/delusions? 2. How to[…]