The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

Shed light on t…

Shed light on the roots of your being, so you know how to paint your sheet of[…]

The human creative experience

Humanity is on a collective threshold of a new way of living, a new way of looking[…]

Karma is the st…

Karma is the struggle that is making your dreams worhty of fighting for Karma in and of[…]

Freedom statement

”Freedom is not about making choices, it’s about being able to release the chains of your own[…]

Refine your body and mind as a instrument for your soul

The beauty of the song we play comes fort out of the state of our being. We[…]

The game of conscious wanting and simply being with all that is

Dear reader, In today’s article I would like to dive into the concepts of consciously manifesting certain[…]

Our deepest seed of growth potential

Every individual has an enormous amount of desire and will power hidden inside themselves. The desire for[…]

Be the eye of your stormy life

It does not matter if your life is cluttered with clouds or full of light. Both spectrum’s[…]

The chessboard of life

The mechanics of the universe are not that different then those of the game chess. Humans play[…]

”I am, where I am”

During your journey of life, you will encounter many different situations. Often times, we do not agree[…]