The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

Pursuit of happiness society

Old systems that have failed to contribute to the ‘all’ are crumbling down in our societies to[…]

The practice of eating wholesome food sources.

Hi reader, Our alienation from nature has caused psychological imprints that are destructive to our biology. Toddlers[…]

In order for nature to blossom it needs freedom

We have come pretty far already in ‘controlling’ our eco systems, but we have still a long[…]

Trust on your emotional intelligence

Hello hello, In this article I try to outline the significance of trusting on ones emotional intelligence[…]

Your present state counts

It is a difficult thing to change your present state of character into one that serves you[…]

Why your dream is worth fighting for

Dreams are your spiritual extricates for optimal living. It is bigger then every desire you can have.[…]

The strenght and impact of ones influence

Good afternoon reader, (Hollandse tijd) It is my ideal perspective that every human being walking on this[…]

Why time management is crucial in living your dreams

Hello reader Now that you hopefully know what your legacy will be and how you want to[…]

Being sensitive in a rational world

Highly sensitive people have major challenges in today’s rapidly changing world. Not only do they perceive the[…]

Your personal online potential

The Internet of things is giving people the opportunity to be completely themselves in whatever they want[…]