The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

Define ‘follow your heart’

Integrating the wisdom of your hearts intelligence in daily life situations is easier to read about then[…]

Compare yourself with yourself

This one is pretty easy to teach yourself. However, I still want to emphasize the importance of[…]

Blow your horn in life

Shame is such a powerfull emotion that we often times do not dare to express ourselves fully.[…]

The state of the earth determines our state of well-being

Think about it, we are intertwined with nature. Believing that you are somehow detached from nature because[…]

Sword swinging

Once committed to one’s purpose, a cautious approach of how you assert yourself in your community is[…]

The only authority exist in your heart

If we had to obey, it would not be of one’s oppression We shall not be the[…]

Surrendered action through trust

If we really want to thrive as a species we need to consider the concept of ‘surrendered[…]

How to unleash your dormant abilities

Dormant abilities are traits that can turn a personality into true gold when properly activated and cultivated.[…]

Psychics are like meteorologists

The discipline of studying the atmosphere and how it will behave in the future is very similar[…]

Enhance decision making with mindfulness

To force a level of control in our lives we need to make decisions based on the[…]