The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

What you can perceive you can achieve

Perception is the starting point of every new idea. When one has gained enough clarity about what[…]

What walking barefoot can do for you

Hello reader, “Human beings are designed to walk barefoot.” Wearing shoes is actually quite neurotic, besides all[…]

Being spi-ritual is hard work

People who think that spiritual people are lazy and sit under a tree, might need to reconsider[…]

Dreams can act as an initiation for renewal

Dreams or ideas are often times accompanied with positive feelings and thoughts. However, an initiation can be[…]

”March to the beat of your own drums”

Planet earth is one of the most generative and caring of all, no wonder we became greedy[…]

The function of ‘adept-hood’ in your life

No need to type ‘adept-hood’ in Google. I see that it only exist in the game Skyrim,[…]

The only real treasure in life is gaining wisdom

Life is dance we play, an orchestra of objects and relationships. Your life is a beautiful piece[…]

Point of no return

Once the hero in our story has committed himself to his quest, he needs to let go[…]

Supernatural aid : Joseph Campbell ”Hero’s Journey”

Hello reader, In today’s revisement some more turns and twitches of the content of this website. These[…]

Creating perfect cyclical imbalance in your life

Creating perfect cyclical imbalance?? Right… But it makes sense!! Perfect cyclical imbalance is the power of unlimited[…]

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