The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

The power of self-analysis

Hi guys, Quite recently I have posted a blog about self-reliance and it’s potency in our current[…]

Lets change our collective myth

Mythology is not something to take lightly. Without the ability to read symbols and metaphors, one can[…]

Self-reliance, relying on inner resources, true versus false powers.

I first stumbled upon the concept of self-reliance when I have heard Eliot Hulse talking about it[…]

Paint your ideal lifestyle

The realisation of how playful and free life can be, is the first step of creating your[…]

Human potential is yet to be seen

Trust thyself and look within, since no pearl have ever been seen by looking in the wrong[…]

A rich man is born within

I use ‘man’ to define humans in general. I don’t live with the separation of men and[…]

The gift of reading our fellow men’s biographies

It is a wise saying that we can learn from one another, and still one learns best[…]

The powers of abstinence and sexual potency

Hello reader, Abstinence is the act or discipline from restraining oneself from indulging an appetite or desire[…]

Lets create the language of light together

It is a personal interest for me to study language and its function in our psychology and[…]

Your legacy is created out of the quality of your deeds

I just had a wonderful lecture with some eager people willing to better themselves and the world.[…]