The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

The boon of amplified returns

Once upon a time where far-stretched worlds and great kingdoms, still respected the beauty of patience and[…]

The lure of power makes men blindly follow its seductions

That which leads apart, shall reconcile its members. In its danger of rupture exist the equal potential[…]

The emanating beauty within

Created by the force of honour, is beauty their to awe us by sense. To awe us[…]

Grid of consciousness

Waved in our web of consciousness Waved in our dance together Waved in our spoken words Do[…]

Workout, table and atlas stones

What’s up reader, Thanks for stopping by, cause it gives me an outlet and hopefully something valuable[…]

Global action is a comfortable fantasy

The origin of separation stems from an intellectual war, a war on ideas, a war on religions.[…]

‘A self-sustaining mini world continues’

Dear reader, In today’s retirement a new look back into one of these older articles I posted[…]

How can we make centralized food industries obsolute

Based on my personal view and knowledge, I want to shed some light on this already hyped[…]

To serve for the sake of serving – effortless action

What I like to do with these blogs is to combine home made visuals and text. One[…]

An introduction to a self-sustaining world

Hola, From now on this channel will be used to share a self-sustaining lifestyle. It is very[…]