The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

The path of least resistance

Dear reader, This concept is probably one of the most important topics I want to cover in[…]

New ways of being alive

So the bottom line message of this blog is that we are currently living in an age[…]

Why I prefer supporting the creative individual

A creative individual is someone who has transcended his own personal needs into fulfilling those of others.[…]

It starts with realisation

To realize is to make it ‘real’. To become aware of new insights, information, abilities or previously[…]

When a cup of richness trancends greed

Life is so rich you fill your cup with ease. It drops richness to feed your mouth.[…]

The blessing of adversity

In the midst of discouragement, in the rain of despair, Do we taste hope in issues unfair?[…]

The dangers of misconception

Building a house on weak fundamentals is as dangerous as having a faulty emotional relationship. False communication[…]

Barbell whip exercise and some talk

Hi guys, I have absolutely no clue what the name of this exercise really is. I used[…]

Power of self-inflicted apprenticeships

Hi reader, In times of great economic turmoil and despair, one can easily become confused and hopeless.[…]

How we are meant to shit

During my journey in rural China, I noticed some very interesting things, of which their openness to[…]