The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

Protect the ‘defenceless’

This is a very difficult topic to cover, so I hope I can give you some clarity[…]

Invest in personal assets

Personal assets are assets you have the most control over. Complete control is sort of an delusion[…]

Mundane and arcane perspectives

A very big probability would be that we as a collective will start to look to the[…]

The drudgery of bondage

Service to a certain extend is what this world needs the most. I have always seen this[…]

Entangled relationships

Love turns into possession when personal freedom is oppressed. Attachments of any kind will cause you to[…]

Your presentable strenght

To gain recognition in the world, we need to represent ourselves. Like a garçon is presenting his[…]

Serving our true self creates infinite happiness

Happiness is a long sought state of being, and everybody has their own definitions about it. This[…]