The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

The paradox of self-worth

Self-worth is your most important asset in business and life in general. Without having a healthy dose[…]

Coming to our senses

In our intellectual pursuit, we have lost our sensible centre. The flower of the human brain is[…]

Contradictive believe systems

In order to thrive, we need a belief system. Like a tree needs to have solid roots,[…]

Let life be your sculptor

Oftentimes, we delegate our own sense of self-observation and self-validation in order to please our masters, teachers[…]

Cultural grandiosity

The cultural pride that some hold so dearly is oftentimes used as a weapon against other cultures.[…]

The boon of enthusiasm

In the archaeology of words, do we find the fabric of reality. The word enthusiasm is derived[…]

Most of the solutions are already present

Dear reader, In today’s retirement I would like to guide you through the following ‘house of your[…]

The art of detached expectation

To execute an idea, project or anything worth pursuing, we anticipate particular kinds of results. It is[…]

The opening sentence of Homo Economicus

Homo Economicus : Hi Homo novus: Hi Homo Economicus : What do you do for a living?[…]

Performance based self-esteem

Performance based self-esteem is build around the structure of competition, hierarchy and comparison. I think we can[…]

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