The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

Kolding – coffee & print review

After a long and draining bike trip from Flensburg – Germany to Kolding – Denmark, you want[…]

To teach or to convert?

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The spiritual nature of pilgrimage

Hi speeder, Being on a long bike journey myself, I can know by experience why it can[…]

How to travel in a fun and cheap way

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Travel for the sake of movement alone

The human body is designed to move. It’s mysteries can be explained by using nature itself. Like[…]

Knowing your impact upon others

It is so easy to loose yourself in your own bubble, that you neglect those of others.[…]

Dream big, act local and work your ass off!

The “dream big, act local, work hard” method is a simple blueprint to thrive your life. You[…]

Celebrate the things that go well

In the midst of despair, in the heat of the moment, is it easy to loose your[…]