The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

The power lays in being vulnerable

Living on a rock floating in space, we can question whether ‘safety’ is really a realistic thing.[…]

See your life objectively, and you will loose all emotional drama

See your life objectively, and you will loose all drama Yes, this might sound boring and emotional[…]

Instinctual attraction or distraction…?

Our lives our governed by relationships and how we establish them shapes the face of them and[…]

What does ‘abundance’ means to you?

Riches, good fortune, abundance and prosperity are all words that resonate the same sounds. What we often[…]

My Michael teachings chart

For those interested in the ‘personality game’, and getting to know oneself and others better, there are[…]

The wanderer within

Alowa, Part of being creative is knowing how to draw outside of the lines. Either psychically or[…]

Building a body, heart and mind of economics – In the Spirit of Liberty – SOL.

Alowa, I think, depending on your economical outlook, many can agree by now towards the general statement[…]