The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

The red moon

Daring in the nights sky Do my eyes turn dark black In the solstice of the moon[…]

Birds who are disalike could fly together

Hi reader, A known phrase is that birds alike tend to fly together. However, maybe we live[…]

The poet by Ralph Waldo Emerson

This poem I found to be so striking, that I wanted to share it here; A moody[…]

Corona as an incentive for a global resource based economy

Dear reader(s), In one of my previous articles I said that ‘the show must go on’; The[…]

The wraith of Lilith

No matter the mercy, fooly upon the common, say it now, or say it never, What has[…]

A ‘method’ for selforganization

Ello, My thesis of the study bedrijfskunde MER has not yet been uploaded on my website I[…]

What can be learned from the Zapatistas?

Goedemorgen, Buenos dias, Good morning, All is under construction, Here below, I share an introduction into what[…]

Beginner workout scheme

Hi Reader, let me know what you think of my workout scheme in the comments below. I[…]

The magical journey of travelling more with graceful strength

DRAFT EBOOK. Open for input and criticism to make a cool pocket sized ebook or printed version[…]