The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

Have you ever felt that unconformable feeling when you find yourself in a particular circumstance that makes you want to avoid the situation and just run away?

Well if you do, then that is wonderful! Be grateful that you encountered an experience where you were aware of your fear! Isn’t that just wonderful? Please take a close look to the word ‘aware’, because most people aren’t even aware of this feeling what goes around by the name of ‘fear’. Every moment in life where this awareness of fear appears is a possibility of personal growth and encouragement, if you decide to act on it. Acting is and will stay a personal choice that every person possesses. Some people just need a little push to get them going, but in the end it is your desire, enthusiasm, conviction and firm belief in succeeding that will evoke the necessary action. Let the action of your decisions evolve around you rippling away into a final choice, without getting too attached to this incredible potency of agency. 

Congratulations if you can resonate with these words and experience. It means that you experienced the feel of looking fear into the eyes and see its meaningless when it flows away. Be fully present during this experience and absorb the results of your actions without judging them in terms of good and bad. 


Written during my internship(s) in China

p.s. This is one of my first articles ever written in English almost, so for the critics, this is just to see how my own writing has improved over time and to dig a little bag into the past of this website and my own personal development.

Funny enough the Chinese name that has given to me to what could be said the ‘New’ Mao Zhedong was ‘golden brigde’.

For the Chinese readers out there, let me know what this name was again. I would like to remember what it was,

Thanks in advance.



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