An athlete is an artisan

Dear reader,

If we talk about molding reality, then our body might be the most interesting one. Our body is the epitome of complexity (MT) and for this reason an artisan can be attracted to its manipulation. Bodybuilders are a good example of how this can be done, however, any athlete is interested in the mechanics of the body, brain and mind perhaps. The only limit for our body is our own imagination. We can only really know how to mold something if we know the properties, limitations and psychics of the object we want to mold. Therefore, I think, it lays within every athlete to test these thermodynamic limitations opposed on basically every type of physical object. It might, therefore, be interesting to research to see if those limits can be broken through training.

An athletic path is, therefore, automatically an exploration of the limitations of the body and how far we can stretch in altering those. The ‘perfection’ of the body, brain and mind is a path of being as present as one can be and observe how many of the typically unconscious processes operate by using your current ‘day tot day’ awareness so to speak. Like an artist who wants to perfect a sculpture, is consciousness the artist of ones body. What better way to know its properties then by being curious to investigate the potential of the human genome system throughout multiple layers of potential usages. The complexity of movement as example is so divers and rich that it cannot be pinpointed to one or two traditions. The only limitation is that of our perception and our perception is altered through direct experience with the body including all its luring vices and virtues to be explored through this medium for consciousness.

An athlete is, therefore, by definition also an artist. Constantly on the move to maximize the machine he, she or it is driving, is an athlete a great example of how an artistic path can look like.



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