They often say that we can be anyone we want, as long as we really want it. Another saying is that we can do anything we want, as long as we practice enough. All though this might ring some truth, and I am not implying it isn’t valid, but it is not the most effective and efficient way to orchestrate your lifestyle if you ask me. It boils down to asking yourself intelligent questions, like;

  1. Do I really want to put this amount of effort into pursuing this desire, spending all this energy, and lots of pain to follow it through?
  2. Or do I settle with the natural talents and abilities I have, and find joy in developing them to contribute my society?

Often times, people have a lack of self-understanding about their natural gifts, therefore, following a path that is not truly in alignment with whom they are. Not being in touch with your true desires, can cause a lot of pain and suffering, especially if you are not willing to listen to the pain. Being insensitive and dishonest about your own suffering is the greatest reason why many people remain stuck in pain. Pain is an useful tool to decide how we want to change our life circumstance, but only if we wish to do so.

Life can be really simple, hence the reason why I created this website. As long as you are following your natural inclinations, curiosity, passions and interests, you cannot be that far removed from your true desires. There is really no need to spent millions into highly advanced schooling programs, if the individual itself is unaware of what he or she wants. Instead of investing millions, we might better start looking into un-doing millions of imprints of our childhoods, in order to gain self-knowledge and make better decisions for our personal life plans.

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