the purple intervention in moving towards a mature world paradigm

Dear reader, A mature world paradigm in my understanding of Latin Maturare – to be fruitful, would[…]

when can a city be called a S.I.C., Venus ideal nor a ‘Solisticity’?

Dear reader, In today’s article I want to define the Concept of a ‘Solisticty’ more in depth[…]

The challenges of decoupling the carbon lock in effect

Hi reader, The challenges of decoupling are enormous considering the observable fact that we are dealing with[…]

What is a LAN when it is not about video games? GOLD(N) articles

Dear reader, Have you ever played video games with friends on a LAN? The similar scenario is[…]

The ripple of the dance

Drops fall, cascading after all, noises, far away, do they fade, fade, fade, Until, the oceans lid[…]

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