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let me know what you think of my workout scheme in the comments below. I have stopped using schemes some time ago, however, this one below is just an example for a typical gym setting.

I have been doing strength training among others forms of movement consciously since I started playing tennis at 6 or 7 or so?

So I can say I know a little bit about the topic at least 🙂

I started doing bodybuilding first to put some more mass in the tennis game. Well that kinda escalated peaking at around 110-115 kg one day. More functional training got into play, doing less with machines or tools, more the body itself. So for me it went from tennis, too bodybuilding, to more functional strength training into doing more yoga, making it more of a power yoga, and since then balancing those opposites of yin and yang activities also some capoeira, lots of cycling and nowadays mostly climbing/bouldering. One thing to be noticed is that especially with strength training like 5×5 dead-lifts range, after a while the muscle fibres get layered up and thick, making it hard to loose weight to perform perhaps better in gymnastic type of movements. So in retrospect, a scheme like this one below could be used to build up the framework if needed. I was a very boony tennis player as a child, so I guess some overcompensation at play. All of this also depends what type of athlete one would like to be and what’s in stock for ones particular body type. Personally, I might be too rugged to be a strongman, yet too heavy to be great skateboarder for example.

excersiserepetitionssetsweightrest timedatefeel
pull-ups (vertical)     
bent over rows (horizontal)     
V-bar pulldowns (vertical)     
seated pull rows (horizontal)     
hammer curls     
regular curls     
isolation curls     
Bench press     
dumbell press incline     
flys incline     
cable flys declin     
pull downs     
close grip bench press     
weighted steps     
DB presses seated     
shrugs EZ bar     
DB front raise     
bent over raises rear delt     
legs raises     
knee to elbow     
planks to burnout      

I can elaborate the scheme if you want.

Nowadays for the gym I typically make up a certain set of exercises following general guidelines rather then a scheme like above.

Just meet up with me in person.



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