Behold the dreamers, their sky gazing looks envision the future of the world

You can see a pattern in the development of any individual or society, the pattern of construction and destruction, birth and death, saying hello to life and learning how to say goodbye. Every civilisation has a rise and a fall, making room for the new and dumping the old. This phoenix effect isn’t new, to continue we need to innovate, we need to destroy which isn’t necessary any more. It is by smashing our dreams and the dreams of the new generations, that we smash ourselves, our dreams, our hopes, passions and humanity along in the long run. By resisting innovation, we resist death itself, and this always pays a price, the toll of mediocrity, impotence, apathy, boredom, depression, you name it, how can you appreciate the rapture of being alive without appreciating the death of it all?

Living is knowing how to die, to face your dragons head on, slaughter their heads, or just ride them tired and live fearlessly present.

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