Belief is a constant flow of thoughts

Humans are creatures of habit and belief. Our belief is the prime motivator for us to act. Some believe in science and others believe in the metaphorical wisdom of the bible. Whatever you believe does not matter, you act on those deeply rooted thought patterns in your mind. Your belief is the epicenter of all your vibes you send out into the world which in turn become things.

There is a great deal in trust involved concerning ‘belief’. We need a belief system to make ourselves functional in the world and at the same time, we do not know for sure that it is absolutely true. People who claim that their belief is the absolute truth for all humanity are ignorant in their intention towards life. Close minded people like that have caused wars on a scale that could have easily destroyed the whole world by now. We need to adopt an open mind in our belief system so that we avoid the danger of personal identification.

That personal attachment can cause a lot of cognitive dissonance when we are imposed to other ideas and beliefs that may actually be very beneficial in our evolution.

Keep in mind that what you believe is shaping the biggest part of your reality. This constant flow of thoughts will become things when it has a dominate presence in your consciousness and subconsciousness mind. So be cautious in what you believe is true for you and keep an open mind to change it whenever it is not serving you in the way you want.

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