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The short answer is; noo, honestly this is not a book review really, just trying to ponder about the six capital model while tying in some other concepts. If natural capital or the low hanging fruits are relatively easy to acquire then spiritual wisdom might be harder to attain. However, when the low hanging fruits are scarcer, it will require more virtue and wit to acquire the same basic needs. With more effort to acquire the same thing will it also increase wisdom or is this simply a request into acquiring something similar, but then way more difficult. At some point training the same skills and virtues for example creating fields of crops, then is this newfound wisdom or merely a repetition of the past with a higher mastery of the same skill set?

I do not think so due to the problem of reification, meaning that even though a wider framework could include natural, human and social values in calculating fair pricing, honestly would you pay 100 euros for a burger? Therefore, what I know of this model is that it is typically used for green washing a.k.a. green lies and storytelling, making it really hard to account for values like fine artistry which is open to a wide subjective interpretation.

The bigger question might be if the world really needs saving or human kind does? Meaning that remaining kind, stable, centred and self-reliant in co-existence could be more prevalent then coming up with an even wider scope of objectifying and accounting for abstract values like intellectual or emotional contributions which I am trying to portray on this site for example. What I can remember studying the Six Capital model during my bachelor Bedrijfskunde MER is that the main point why it was not used before is because of the higher abstraction social values have among natural and intellectual values. Similar to pinpointing beauty to a certain ideal for women or man for that sake is pinpointing the most crucial factors in the value creation process of goods and services inherently difficult to do cause of the doom of objectifying too much and basically reducing beauty, value and energy to fixed models of interpreting reality. According to my perspective planet Gaia is resilient enough to endure a nuclear fall out as an example or the multidimensional challenges that are arising and accelerating during this so called Kali Yedi (yuga) just like to mix it up, yedi sounds more positive. Meaning in short that I think these times are in some way or another exciting and scary in the sense that it is the show me what you got theme (Rick and Morty) in terms of universal language. Will humanity remain kind in the greater span of the universe or is doomsday a-head? Implying here as well that during great physical and spiritual destruction, having too much of an emphasise on technological short fixes will result in greater calamities ahead, mass psychosis, fractured beings, rise in crimes, meaning more energy and taxes spend on dealing with that in an already declining prospect during the energy transition in Europe as an example. So thereby I am not implying to ditch a broader model that can account for more values in the value creation process, as long as by the way of storytelling the abstractness of certain values and roles in society can be communicated differently rather then hanging a price around it.

Accountants are by definition limited to a certain set of qualities and skills. Therefore, I find it highly unfeasible that they are equipped with the right mindset, talents and abilities to come up with a very reasonable ‘economic danger’ the socioeconomic systems are faced with. However, the Jewish people are known for being excellent at this particular craft. I do not know much about Jewish people, so, therefore, this post is still a draft version. I am of the opinion though that the following work-ethic is key in guaranteeing a quality life, health and wealth. During my education bedrijfskunde, I have studies such systems more in depth, so this post is up for retirement already.

So in making sure that the right people are on the right jobs on their path(s) toward excitement, joy and intrinsic fulfilment of the ‘thing’ they do. This ‘thing’ could be anything really. In the pathways of mastery, no crafts are really forbidden on a planet which is originally a ‘free zone’ planet in which anything is, therefore, possible. This is the trickster spirit that could remake the whole culture explained by Lewis Hyde in trickster makes this world, simply, by being who she, he or the middle person is. In terms of the development of GOLDeN (games of life, death, energy and neutrality) one could seriously ponder upon how people would like to express themselves on the playing field of life. If one desires to be gay, let them be gay, if one desires to be straight, let them be straight or both, or not, off course. This is the game and the dance of life. There will always be villains, and, there, will always be heroes, legends and tricksters as long as they are still willing to be here. However, where are the legends? Where are those who rise above the trickery and remain present as well? Rather than hiding in the clouds or anywhere else, why not just stay at home or outside on the streets to ponder, to move, to enjoy life in all its facets. This could be done, and I can speak from experience that I am at the point of remembering now that I enjoy to write about (what I think) are interesting dynamics or story twists that could spark new life into new games for the present and/or future.

What the Kali Yedi boils down to I think is basically George Lucas, however, tapping into imagination about such things is perhaps the reason why many traditions and cultures forecasted the coming together of these stories and narratives in (post)modern days right now. Not perse in an apocalyptic way, just some growing pains in the bigger scheme of things.. So even though there might be quite a lot of noise and Raws going on, going through the needle of the stormy weather, the potentials are insanely high according to my visions on current world developments. This is obviously a personality trait, in which I tend to envision potentials that could take lifetimes, still what one does today, tomorrow and upcoming 10 years matters a lot in shaping new beginning conditions in building new fundamentals for a new world. Thereby saying that begin conditions matter in dextered systems, which is just a tad more complex then chaotic systems. Building back better or just go Radix and uproot existing infrastructure into new infrastructure. This I think depends on how big the destruction will be and what technologies and upgrades will be available depending on world developments.

Into the continuum,

In memorial for Mark and the beautiful painting he left me that still hangs in some brothel.




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