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Some while ago while I was travelling and studying in Mexico, I wrote a short essay on ‘The path of least resistance’. An idea I am still thinking and practicing about daily since, off course, like anyone else (I think), I would like to go through life without having to swim upstream all the time. At least to me personally, increasing the quality of life is what matters most, and is something I hope to show through my life, this website and perhaps be of value towards others in doing so.

It’s written down a little harsh in the ‘essay’, but the point of the story is that it seems to be odd that many of us (myself as well) create unnecessary resistance in our lives, which might not have to be the case if there would be more self-awareness. Recently, I wrote about how the ‘discovered self’ can be of better aid in times of crises and change, by inspiration, then the ‘constructed self’. I would argue that in times of little change, being more grounded in the discovered self would also be helpful in discerning what activities one chooses for the day that brings them the most joy, energy and satisfaction.

This mechanism of ‘flow’ or building up on excitement and discovery in a study, for example, is limited by the amount of obstacles we place in the glory old ‘river’ as a metaphor. What I understand of this idea is that as children we do experience this naturally, being in a state of flow. Part of being an actualized human being would be to integrate this child aspect into our adult lives (MT). Not by meaning we do not take upon responsibilities, but by saying that to live an authentic live, true to what makes us follow a path of less resistance, is to be in touch and protecting that sacred part of our childhood during adulthood.

So then, it becomes this Chinese proverb that it’s about moving rocks from the water so that there is less resistance for flow. Therefore, this sense of self-discovery, especially during a pandemic, can be of great help I think in creating the structure and freedoms necessary to enhance this flow. Despite the shutdown that undermines a natural flow of a society at large, is it still possible to find a path that resembles one of least resistance in a personal life. Even though social life is on hold, the individual life still continues in the sense that we intrinsically seek activities that gives us a sense of lasting satisfaction and content by the way things are unfolding.

Being in touch with such ‘natural inclinations’ that typify our uniqueness would make one feel as if they are in a state of flow and on their fitting trajectory towards mastery or the life task as Robert Greene speaks about in his book mastery.

A state in which one enjoys the process towards the whole. Rather than valuing goals over means, the emphasize shifts towards finding meaning in the things we routinely do, so that we might become masters in the future while finding joy in our awake moments.

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The essay is pretty old, but happy to hear some thoughts on the concept I’m sharing in it.

(Bashar also speaks of this process btw)


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