The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

The element of fear in your success

Dear reader, When fear, pain and suffering induces personalities into falseness a.k.a. as Maya nor criminal behaviour[…]

A system without feedback mechanism will go corrupt some day

Dear reader, In today’s article I would like to share some of my understanding of what ‘nested[…]

The hopeless and the faithful

Dear reader, Especially during our times it is comfortable to say that one should remain hopeful about[…]

The alive city – Cities seen through the lens of complex adaptive systems.

Dear reader, In today’s article I will try to outline my experience, (concluding) looked up knowledge, ongoing[…]

A ‘method’ for selforganization

Ello, My thesis of the study bedrijfskunde MER has not yet been uploaded on my website I[…]

Flipping the urge to survive into the urge to thrive

Dear reader, In following the philosophy of this website and its values, I wanted to share some[…]

The famous are the infamous

No honorable deeds are forgotten in the sphere of human life, Either small or large of aptitude,[…]

Health before wealth and how technocrats govern contemporary society

Dear reader(s), Key questions, concepts and references in this article are; technocracy, technocrats, risk management, immune-system, common[…]

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