The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.


“To be U-man” De dagen tellen voorbij Wij die het zijn, Als mens, Met lust aan ons[…]

The element of fear in your success

Dear reader, When fear, pain and suffering induces personalities into falseness a.k.a. as Maya nor criminal behaviour[…]

What if everything you need is already provided for?

Hi reader, This article dials back into older posts about the differences between knowing what you want[…]

Flipping the urge to survive into the urge to thrive

Dear reader, In following the philosophy of this website and its values, I wanted to share some[…]

Building flexibility in ones life to enhance the path of least resistance

Hi reader, Some while ago while I was travelling and studying in Mexico, I wrote a short[…]

Keeping the social fabric alive through gift sharing

Hi reader, In my studies of the Ubuntu philosophy, I found out that a form of altruism[…]

the discovered versus the constructed self

Hi there, In this article I wanna try to outline the differences among the meaning behind the[…]

Seeking mutual understanding during Corona times

Dear reader, In previous articles I have tried to dissect concepts like biopolitics and did my best[…]

Health before wealth and how technocrats govern contemporary society

Dear reader(s), Key questions, concepts and references in this article are; technocracy, technocrats, risk management, immune-system, common[…]

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