The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

A system without feedback mechanism will go corrupt some day

Dear reader, In today’s article I would like to share some of my understanding of what ‘nested[…]

What if everything you need is already provided for?

Hi reader, This article dials back into older posts about the differences between knowing what you want[…]

The alive city – Cities seen through the lens of complex adaptive systems.

Dear reader, In today’s article I will try to outline my experience, (concluding) looked up knowledge, ongoing[…]

Corona as an incentive for a global resource based economy

Dear reader(s), In one of my previous articles I said that ‘the show must go on’; The[…]

A ‘method’ for selforganization

Ello, My thesis of the study bedrijfskunde MER has not yet been uploaded on my website I[…]

The zapatista’s, The rebels of Mexico investigated for a postmodern world.

Dear readers, Since I am currently being occupied with the preparations of my university studies and collecting[…]

A story about Holacracy – Organizations as living systems – A ‘method’ for ‘self-organization’

Hi reader, Not that long ago, I formulated key concepts like ‘thrive’, ‘strength’ and ‘wholeness’ as cornerstones[…]