Corona as an incentive for a global resource based economy

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In one of my previous articles I said that ‘the show must go on’;

The underlying theme in that article is that sometimes evolution of society has to play out in order to experience certain deficits a system has. By using the metaphor of the ‘Peacock’ one can understand that sacrificing goals for the means is evolutionary speaking a method for self-extinction on the longer term. This attitude in which means transcend the goal, for example >>> ‘when short term decadence exceeds long term bodily comfort‘. Fundamentally dealing with the general statement that the environment serves capitalism, and capitalism serves us. A statement which is easily shown false when it turns out the Peacocks of the world get a reality check back from nature and the environment. Another way to look at this problem from a systems theory perspective is to relate it to the ‘tragedy of the commons’ of which I wrote about earlier here;

The tragedy is easily understood by considering that since human civilization started, 83% of wild mammals died off against a 0,01% presence of humans on the planet.


I think, it is within human nature to manipulate and control the environment, a distinctive strength and weakness to be reckoned with to find sustainable strategies for the future.

Since the goal of this website is to figure out the complexity of these wicked issues and then providing ‘simple’ answers to deal with them, I continue going back and forth on these topics. Especially during today’s pandemic.

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p.s. the resource based economy is not an new idea, I have to look up some sources to find out how old the idea actually is, however, it makes sense to provide those who are hungry with minimal necessities to give an equal playing field on the stage of life so to speak..

Found a good one here;

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