Denial of discontent

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Before I want to continue writing these blogs, I want to mention how I gather my information for you. In my belief there are a few ways in which we can enrich ourselves with knowledge ;

  1. Being a life junky and accumulating experience so that you gain a broader, more wider understanding of whatever you want to learn.
  2. Being a creative imaginary, so that you can conduct knowledgeable thoughts out of already existing ones. Here we are building forth on things we already know.
  3. Being a psychic powerhouse, so that you are receptive for sources of intelligence out of the span of conscious thought. Here we are building forth on things we ‘pick up from the air’, in which our mind acts like a ‘radio antenna’.
  4. And last but not least, book learning… Book learning and memorizing facts seems to be very important in contemporary society, but is oftentimes inferior to the above sources of intelligence.

Of course, this is merely my humble opinion and experience so far. Unfortunately, psychic aptitude is highly neglected in mainstream society, but is, like anything else, a skill we can all develop by acknowledging it and practicing it.

That being said, lets get back on topic!

The act of denying something can be a great stumbling block for our development. If you deny you are ill, it will become very hard to be healthy, if you deny you are unhappy, it may be that you are living in a bubble of happiness. However strong the bubble of illusion may be, the denial is still there you know….  Denial is part of ones defense mechanism, that is saying; “No! I am all good! While you are coughing up blood…XD”. Another analogy is when you ask a stranger; “How is life?”, and they respond with the common monotone; “yeah, all good, all good…” while you clearly know they are not. 

You see? Most people don’t like to admit what they are really feeling towards others, or even worse, towards themselves! There is great value in being honest to oneself when we want to live up to our truest desires. Without being honest we enslave ourselves in false lies and comfortable substitutes like; “well, at least I have this job I absolutely hate” “well, at least I can party all weekend to forget my week”, “well, at least I have 20 pounds of muscle to hide my fear of insecurity”.

All these substitutes are very dangerous if we really want to get the most out of our life. They say ignorance is bliss, but when you know what is going on, you cannot deny it any more. Holding on to denial is illusive and mediocre when it comes to achieving anything worthwhile for yourself. People spend stories of affirmation in their head justifying how wonderful and content they are, while they are really not. You know, it isn’t perse inherently bad to pursuit ones own taste of happiness, so why limit yourself with such stories of false contentment?

Not being content can show up very clearly in ones life. You feel uninspired, bored, tired and unexcited. Life is just a drag when you are discontent, and this a great sign for change! However, instead of listening to these signs, some people manage it to deny them until their death beds! Which is unfortunate, since it is simple a practice of making a discernment in what rings true to you in order to feel content and courageous in ones experience of life. Thereby stating that courage is doing that what you want despite the support or recognition of others! (Druids)

I am sure that this blog can perhaps allows some more honesty of my life into yours by showing my authenticity through this blog.

Discontent through experiencing self-adequacy(MT) and, therefore, lack of self-confidence is indeed a great stumbling block to have around. Despite that negative aspect of this obstacle could it also be used to even push yourself harder in the craft one is aiming for. Especially during the beginning phases of mastery as described by Robert Green, it is useful to be humble and see yourself as the student, so that you can receive a lot of different input from several authorities within your field. At least this seems to work for me.

Let me know your thoughts on the above matter if interested,



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