As the inner architect/ of this site I am approachable for how people interpret the content I created on this website. Thereby stating, that how people interpret the content is within their own level of choice to deal with. This endeavour has always been meant as a digital database for my own personal development first off. Secondly, through experience and my up to date collection of storytelling, insights and practical knowledge, I can continue to explain the content better if desired and when I feel like doing that. I gave up changing others a long time ago, and if you feel helped, inspired or supported by the content I created then perhaps consider contributing something in return. Just enable me somehow.

Don’t hold me responsible for an idea I created or shared that might be executed in the wrong way in ones realm of personal choice. This website is just a collection of my knowledge and others, by which I mean that this site is a CoS – A Co-creative Self-organising index of topics ranging from holistic health, economics, anthropology etc. this site and endeavour is a work in progress and should be dreaded carefully, like a swamp on fire.

“So take what you need nor want, forget the rest and add what is specifically your own” – Bruce Lee

With that attitude people can find ways to add their originality into stuff that already just works, like a cogwheel.