I emphasize a lot on the uniqueness of the individual. This originates from my conviction that EVERYBODY has something to share. A gift that they can cultivate within and express towards their fellow men. We have potential that goes beyond our wildest dreams and we can tap into this form of intelligence by getting to know our deepest layers.

In the process of individuation (self-realization) however, there is a tendency to become obsessed about yourself. I know this, because I have experienced it myself. It is a constant struggle to stay mindful about this. We easily become narcissistic and highly emotional invested towards ourselves and our work. This is because we tend to detach ourselves from the collective consciousness. This is, however, impossible to do and can lead to very high forms of alienation and destructive behavior. Having new and creative ideas is not an indicator of your awesomeness, but simply your receptivity to the collective unconsciousness.

Watch this video for better understanding (just personal experience and observation guys, nothing fancy):


Not to say, that you should comfort yourself with mediocrity. It is your birth right and I would even say your responsibility to express that which often lays dormant inside of you. You are as unique as you can be, and you need to fight for that. But when fully integrated and activated you can become inflated.

Ego inflation can lead to tremendous wounds and setbacks in your expectations. Because you truly believe that you are the center of the universe (so to say) you cannot accept things that does not favor you. Eventually life will humble you down.

But because I believe that many people currently are DEFLATED instead of INFLATED, I emphasize greatly on the uniqueness of the individual itself. It is this constant struggle between finding the balance between you and the collective. If done appropriately, this can be a very constructive relationship. When fine tuned, your ego is purely there for functional reasons and can then work in your favor and for that of others.

I highly recommend that you investigate these concepts if you are interested in becoming the best you can be.

Here is the mono-myth of Joseph Campbell I showed in my video (a better one):

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