Are you falling asleep on the wheel of life?

Goedemorgen lezer,

Bijna heel deze website is in het Engels geschreven. Het zal daarom nog wel even duren voordat ik content ga vertalen naar het Nederlands. De website is bedoeld als support functie uit compassie in de vorm van korte verhalen waarin ik persoonlijke lessen en daaruit vertaalde levensconcepten en verschillende scholen in denken naar voren halen. Daardoor kijk ik vanuit een breed perspectief naar zaken voordat ik diepgang zoek en verder ga in de details.

Alowa reader,

Complex systems like human beings, the organisations they create and the societies they live in, are almost always triggered by some sort of chain event in order to catapult them into new areas of growth. This is mostly due, I think, to psychological blindspots within individuals themselves or in the culture or group at large. There needs to be a trigger in the system in order to awaken those who fall asleep on the wheel of life. In the department of health this is oftentimes expressed in the form of dis-ease or dis-comfort, hence the words. However, other complex systems like organisations and communities in which people work together also need break down and regeneration in order to evolve, stay innovative and grow as a collective. This is oftentimes experienced as a traumatic event by the status quo. However, this is actually a blessing in disguise, something to look forward too and some part in all of us craves it like chocolate XD meaning that on a deeper level a group feels urged to change toward a particular desired and oftentimes socioeconomic change. This can feel adventurous, and these are the markings of the times we live in according to my view on the matters displayed throughout this website. Therefore, this website tries to not only go down through the roots of an (social) challenge, the site also tries to seek solutions that last longer then just a few decades. The current economic, environmental and ecological de-pression we are facing today is such a sign for great renewal, change and ex-pression. The drums of change have never been rumbling as loud as today, and more and more people are becoming aware of the necessity of change. A sign that will only shine brighter and more painful until our eyes are willing to see it. They often say that people don’t want to change, but I am implying the opposite; people want to change, it is the ego or false personality that feels anxious about it. This is an unfortunate reality many individuals, organisations and societies are living in. They aren’t always aware of the potential gems that may be lying ahead waiting to be dis-covered during the process of change and renewal.

Personally, I am the type of character who looks forward for change, sometimes obsessively diving into new kinds of avenues without necessarily taking in all the consequences. Therefore, I like to self-initiate myself into new areas of growth by letting go of the old and known and embracing the new and un-known. In order to have a truly harmonious and always growing system we need to pay just as much attention for collapse as well as integration. An analogy is an athlete who over trains his body because of his strong mind,  and, therefore, causing damage and eventually diminishing returns. A smarter athlete would know the importance of finding a balance between the mind and body and making sure to take appropriate rest intervals between his training sessions.

This kind of attitude can be especially helpful for people, organisations and complex systems in general to find a harmonious balance between opposing forces. You cannot be focusing upon innovation without also making sure to create a foundational structure in which you can thermodynamically speaking ‘fuel’ the new ideas and innovations of the new world with efficient and effective energy solutions. This is something I want to cover more area of on this site. It is, therefore, interesting to note that the most creative individuals are not only extremely chaotic, but also extremely disciplined and structured in order to channel the creative energies into reality. Otherwise the creativity will not be expressed or utilized into something therapeutic or creative in any way.

So ask yourself and take a good look at whatever system is present in your life? Your body, essence and mind are always their, but maybe you have a community, a family or a business to run? Are you stuck in routines, old ways and need some refreshment?

Then contact me to break down everything you hold on too! Kidding kidding.

Let me be your creative destroyer.



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