Freedom of natural development

Dear reader,

In tonight’s retirement another blog edit of which I sometimes hate to read through my own stuff.

Just recently I have finished reading some of Joseph Campbell’s work. A great scholar who ‘decoded’ the function of mythology in our life experience. There was one sentence in particular that struck my mind: ”being transparent to transcendence”. 

What the above tries to describe is the state of being that allows natural development or flow to occur. It is a yielding gesture of ones ego to let ‘nature’ or ones higher intelligence do its work through ourselves. You can only feel inspired when you empty your mind completely of all the noise through simply some dedicated time to guided, passive or active meditations. Ideas and visions can stream into your mind when you are transparent to transcendence. Every creative project can be one of those visions. Building a house, a garden, a business, a family or a blog. This constant stream of ideas challenge YOU to grow in character and mind. I think it was Carl Jung who called this in a similar way by saying it is ones ‘active imagination’, this knowing that consciously or not, there is always some underlying dream or pull towards what lays beneath typical daily conscious awareness. This intrinsic drive to ‘better’ yourself and to transcend ones mundanity is, I think, what many can admire in others. At least I do with many people I have read and studied about. The goal of completion is just as important as the journey towards. Getting result is important for those who are attached to materialistic means. I would argue that results are finite and the evolution of mind and spirit are infinite. By using both motivations we can push ourselves beyond mediocrity.

I don’t believe we are made to stay ‘normal’ or mundane. Fulfillment is the ultimate boon and goal we can reach during our lifetime. What this means for YOU can be very subjective. For me it means to reach the pinnacle of my potential while also enjoying life in carpe diem. To do my best in using my talents to be of service for others and share the things I encounter during my own personal adventure.

I do like the idea that we are essentially already fulfilled, and that life is something that can only add to that. You know this inner craving that their is something lacking in your life. Could it be a partner, an unfulfilled dream or the family you always wanted?

Let us be content with our current state of being, and strive for more just for the sake of evolving. This is your freedom of being alive. You will never be fulfilled if you loose yourself in the future. That is an oases feeling of reaching for more, while missing the beauty of the moment, the rapture of being alive.

Right here, right now.

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