A greater calamity then ignorance itself, might be the excuses that keep us ignorant

A greater calamity then ignorance itself, might be the excuses that keep us ignorant

Those who are interested in the social sciences might wonder sometimes why certain historical events seem to repeat themselves without lesson are being learned from them. It is a question I have been pondering a lot on while I have been travelling to some places like China and Mexico. During my travels and studies, it came to me that some historical events are simply repeating themselves without any sign of deep learning to occur to prevent them to happen again in the future. It is a very powerless feeling to see people suffer unnecessarily, when it is often just a lack of knowledge or understanding that makes people behave in certain ways. Ignorance isn’t really a bad thing actually when you use it towards your benefit, can it be a blessing in disguise. Using the quality of ignorance as a humble attitude to learn more about life is often times a good way to expand ones knowledge, at least, this I can validate in my own experience of life. I believe Socrates was one of the teachers who promoted having the awareness of ones own ignorance, so that one might expand his or hers knowledge about himself and the world. Please correct me where I’m wrong.

So ignorance isn’t really the greatest calamity of this world. I would argue that it are the excuses people use to refrain themselves from gaining a higher perspective. Truth in that sense will always be a rounded off truth, there will always be more to perceive, more to learn, more to understand and more to grasp. One can make it easier on oneself with knowing that the mechanism of ignorance is life’s trick to keep one engaged and alert, to be presently alive. Therefore, ignorance is a good starting point for understanding, but not when there are excusing that form obstacles in gaining more under-standing. Life can put ones life on its head. Which might help literally and figuratively. Head stand exercises I practice are excellent I feel like to re-member and gain more cognitive awareness. So there is always an excuse to make. To me this is a part of how the false personality wants to survive. Coming up with justifications and rationalizations to create or hold unto an irrational conviction or fear. The power of belief can be so strong that one will see it as truth, despite the significant objective evidence that shows differently. Any mystery could go through the rigor of scientific discipline, and yet still it could be a rounded-off truth in the sense that our cognition is inherently limited. So the scientific discipline is not useless, merely limited in the challenge of staying humble enough to explore and wonder.

To me, what it really boils down to is the fear of death and the psychological challenges that come with it. The false personality comes up with excuses and irrational justifications because one can be afraid to change. Being heavily invested into a certain paradigm or belief system makes it difficult to let go of it. This is one of the reasons why I promote detached living as a useful personal development tool. When one is a tad more detached then ‘regular’ from your identity, it becomes easier to update ones cognitive understanding whenever necessary. The whole concept of ‘letting go’ disappears in this way. There is nothing to let go off, and, therefore, you empower yourself to learn from your ‘mistakes’ or shortcomings quickly.

Fear should never be an excuse not to learn.

But hé! That’s just my opinion.

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