The greatest misfortune is that of being unable to think and move gracefully

People seem to be so emotionally invested in the external world that they ignore there most important assets; the body and the mind. What is a life worth living without having peace of mind and a body as strong as oak? No matter your occupation, lifestyle, environment or circumstances, when the mind and body are strong, a human being can endure the most difficult feats of being alive. Everything emanates of the quality of our thinking and the sophistication of our actions. Civilizations fall and rise out of the workings of our psyche. It makes sense to nurture the most effective and creative tools in which we can shape our lives, no craftsman wants less then the best. Without using these tools effectively and efficiently we are powerless and reactive to incentives that undermine our ability to be a creator, but rather conform to be an effect of someone else his cause. In times of cultural decadence, is it the greatest misfortune that we lost the discipline of self-mastery to combat these challenges of healing the mind and body, especially in times of great despair. when such a discipline is most necessary.




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