The magic of achieving any goal lays not in the philosophy of hard work or grind stone slavery. All of these things are compulsive and not ideal in terms of enjoying the process towards achieving anything. Health or any other desired condition of being alive is easily within reach if you know how to get it. Hereby saying I disagree partly with the facet of discipline for the sake of discipline. Discipline just for the sake of discipline is great in a way that it can help in achieving pretty much any goal the mind sets itself on. This does not mean, however, that the process is really enjoyable in and of itself.

So if the joy of health is not found completely in hard training or great effort, where does it then?

Any student of psychology would agree that most of our decisions are not conscious, but sub-conscious. Below the surface of our awareness lay patterns of behavior that determine the reality we experience. This is why most people are not aware why they are not healthy. They are a slave of their sub-conscious patterns and lack the ability to re-program their mind and, therefore, their body.

Health is, therefore, a succession of rituals, because it’s condition is determined by having patterns of behavior that are in alignment with the meaning of health. By not knowing the meaning of health, you cannot re-wire your brain into achieving it.

Funny fun fact is that we as kids were already flexible, vital and healthy. Our natural design is being healthy, until society screws us up. The societal imprint and power of suggestion companies like McDonald heavily rely on, are causing us to loose the connection with the meaning of health.

Reading my blogs will give you (hopefully) the dis-covery of what health really means and how you can remove the toxic imprints. The word ‘health’ means ‘whole’, so I use a holistic approach. We are never really healthy if we don’t address the energetic patterns too.

And this is where it becomes spooky and were traditional science fails.

The picture shows us that we can access our sub-conscious processes by Theta and Delta wave frequencies. You need to change those frequencies in your sub-conscious mind to create rituals for health in my opinion.

So the question is not what kind of rituals we need, because most of us already know that chemicals and junk-food isn’t great in terms of creating constructive rituals. And most of us know that exercise is medicine, but seem to be incoherent in their actions.

The main root of the problem and challenge lays in accessing the sub-conscious mind. Because of the high pitch frequency we experience in Western culture and the information age, we never seem to relax and to have insight into our sub-conscious. The signs of burn-out, dis-eases and tantrum rages are showing us that we are pre-dominantly in the Beta frequency (I myself have my share of experiences in this regard). We are literately burning ourselves and the planet down. When they say that Jesus walked on water doesn’t implies he is actually walking on water, but it shows us a symbolic meaning for his ability to change his sub-conscious mind.

Yes, we need the Beta frequency in order to be active and to function in society. But if we want to change those patterns of behavior, we need to dive deep first and become soft and relaxed. By being in that state of softness we can change those deeper hidden patterns by the way we think and feel.

This is basically the great ‘secret’ traditional science seems to neglect. Because our current religion is traditional science, most humans seem to be unable to execute this simple practice of softening our mind and body.

Any form of yoga, meditation, deep-breathing will do the trick in order to put you into a delta frequency.

This is all I can do for you. You need to put this kind of information into practice and see for yourself how easy it is to be healthy, strong and happy.

Hope these blogs are worthwhile to read,

Any tips or suggestions are more then welcome,

It would be nice to continue this website as a co-creation project to assist the greater goals and dreams of humanity.


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