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In this article I wanna outline some ideas and concepts about life philosophy, theory and game development. This website is already filled with content that goes more in depth with this from a language technical perspective. My mathematics, therefore, is horrible in a modern sense, yet I do have an excellent feeling for it. Working on my numbers DO.

This post is with the aim to see if sandbox/unreal/GTA/unreal engine type of games in which agents can choose relatively freely, compared to other games, can be relevant enough to apply to real life situations so that life lessons can be learned from them. Why thinking along these lines of thought to begin with? My reasoning is that with the current state of the planet and its people portrayed in for example; the levels of alienation, degeneration of the wilderness and tightness within sociocultural systems that lead up to boxed away foxes and cats in apartments. They can perhaps through gaming find a release/quest that was otherwise done through a slower pace in traditional/original situations of communal living.

This is obviously part of the Concept within a concept in that SOL also stands for Simulations Of Life for the sake of having a visceral experience in inducing a certain lesson which otherwise would or could have been learned in a slower pace in real life. However, it obviously works less if such experiences are deeply buried in the subconsciousness or cracked like the Alexandrian libraries in the sense that such experiences can be forgotten and, therefore, could be acted out unconsciously again in life. Hence the reason why I do not agree with mind wipes. No crime either small or big is to be forgotten, otherwise there are plenty of hospitals to be build in the cities of five in the upcoming 100 years due to unaddressed trauma. This process can perhaps be best described as regression therapy, whatever way to achieve such remembrance. After undergoing such a process of remembrance an individual can use their active process of imagination – Carl Jung, to experience a state of being before actually experiencing such a dream in real life. Therefore, being able to dream nor visualise is more important then traditional schooling systems tell their students. Depending upon ones strength in regard to visualisation techniques, a strong visualisation about for example racing in a car can already give a visceral experience of actually being in that car. Since not everyone is capable to do this, it would be hella fun to somehow make a technological instrument by which Simulations Of Life, death and neutrality can be played out in a way that people can experience everything imaginable under a safe playing field. Even the most horror and grim of experiences. I would say especially these realities, cause hiding your stuff under the blankets for years to come is only prolonging to face your deepest challenges and, therefore, prolonging collective developments as well. Without being able to think freely, there is no contrast to choose from.

Especially for those introverts this could be a visceral experience and exercise in getting ready for challenges that lay ahead on the road in the concrete jungles. I would argue that by using a technological instrument like integrated biotech to create a simulated world, people can undergo their deepest fears more in depth before actually overcoming them in actual social dynamics/ a.e. By watching a horror or an investigate journal rather then actually living through observable reality you can get a glimpse into a reality, however, I would argue that these experiences are not vivid enough to actually learn a lesson deeply. After the experience people can plug out and some might forget, others might remember and, therefore, will be capable to distinguish a better path in real life to make refined choices for daily life again. This is how gaming can be integrated into a functional pathway rather then having a population being stuck in a virtual world. This can be seen in some Asian countries where due to political oppression people refuse to live in the real world and are reluctant to continue to have interactions on street-levels.

How to create a ranking system that does not lead to unequal playing fields?

Ranking, scoring systems in real life and game life by having a lessening in the globalised competitive nature of many sports and arts that push the athletes nor artists into an unequal playing field (this dials into anthropological research of risk and reward and how to adequately create equal growth opportunities for all). capitalistic rewards nor credits/tokens for multiple value theory 3th entry, 9 values, and observable practice when studying civilisation seen through the multidisciplinary approach of a discipline like that of (xeno)anthropology. A multidimensional interpretation of several value streams is required in order to see how for example energetic values can be understood by which material reality is influenced due to all sorts of possible reasons and phenomena. An accounting system that can be linked to a triple entry book keeping system would take into account values that would otherwise be unrecognised by officials due to the limitations of certain mental models in contemporary society. There is much to be valued and accounted for when one individual or groups treat their living environments as if it is there own home or place of response-ability. New accounting systems for the new age so that ecological tipping points can be lessened in scope of damage. The philosophical challenge of reification, or too much of it will always be there depending upon your cognitive abilities you either perceive more nor less insight into philosophical truths. There must be some way to account or to consider what value really is by having a semi-continual dialogue about the changing meaning of value and how it can be measured in a world in which things can change rapidly during a Kali Y, to be continuedumm.

This has to be linked to older articles I have written. Six capital model – can accountants save the world? I do not think so, but they can provide enormous value in doing their best in formulating a more holistically integrated framework of the value creation process rather then falling into a reductionist outlook on value creation processes. The hatred towards accountants is in some ways understandable since with accounting is the inherent danger of reducing the world around us in only those ways which are deemed to be valued by others. So in that process of bookkeeping exists many shortcomings and issues to be addressed in order to be able to better account for those who go unappreciated. So in other ways, it would be ideal if parties like this could co-exist with those who despise them. I have not studied the history of Jews in depth. Therefore, I have much study to do myself in order for providing a base for potential interesting game concepts to play out within the Simulations Of Life to facilitate in helping to come to such a overarching framework of interpreting values in a broader sense without loosing touch of the analytical aspects of each value.

The general idea is that life, neutrality and death, in and of itself, does not go without rewards for efforts or productive acts. Expanded energy in any way, even if that is simple house-holding and cleaning or other stuff like lifting heavy rocks for fun and having the patience to stack them up for therapy or fun sake. This planet and universfdg fe is limitless in what one can do or try to learn or maybe even master. This is a free zone planet still so one can do anything he, it or she wants to do in theory. Therefore, the required system ought to be how this could be accounted for? I think a more integrated and wide span of appreciating all sorts of different values to be seen in those capitals described within the six capital framework is a good start already. However, as long as the accounting system is flexible in a way that previously unknown values can be accounted for when such values are properly presented by could perhaps be done by AI in overseeing the whole set of values of which a particular value consists out, therefore being able to make dynamic and quick alterations in the state of such values by basically mapping everything. Which could off course be criticised since mapping is one of those typifying metaphors on sticking a mental model on the world, a map, drawing the cage of the mind.

Worlds to be considered for now;

1. Human life, other minds and what else is out there.

2. Extraterrestial life

3. The underworlds and centres – Axis mundi.

4. microverses, marcoverses, parallel realities, digital reality, gaming reality, social media, the whole intranet, loops, timeloops, split realities, fractured realities, multiverses, multiple selves, group living/herd behavior, the list of social interactive games and possible realities is perhaps endless really. Making each day an adventure in the sense that the original Dragon Ball Z quests were about the journey, not actually attaining the ball or cup of boons. Making stories of legends and myths still possible to prevent boredom to occur.

5. Anything is possible really in the span of what one wants to experience and can learn from on what still is I think, a free zone planet. As long is there are levels of freedom mistakes can be made.

6. Some things are experienced better in group settings, like an orchestra or Capoeira.

7. Or go full out group consciousness or avatar mode.

8. Anything is possible within the game of life, neutrality and death itself. Including the Black Swans and fallen angels obviously.



With the above outlined, I would like to think more about how there could be made a real accounting system, even more holistic and integrated then the six capital model that could be used in games to aid in a better distribution of wealth among big populations. How to distribute a so called ‘snackdeck’ of ~1000 dollars a month among a group of a 1000. These experiments cannot be called an UBI due to the outsider phenomena (literature reference), those that will not be included in any sort of intentional set up/community creation. The six capital model, for example, tries to account for abstract values like intellectual capital, however, this is difficult. One has to make a whole story just to explain how a certain person or thing has been valuable or can be valued so that it can partake in daily life without disrupting the collective too much.

Therefore, the question of what value really is should be asked and redefined daily just like needs of safety and autonomy should be going under thorough and rigorous thinking, feeling and moving from day to day, maybe even moment to moment. This is due to language itself and how it is created(research), one can end up rationalising too much without realising anything potent. Real power is then found in the application of knowledge of which inspiration already holds that which can also be known from practical life experiences. So there are multiple pathways by which information can be received through the human genome to experience a similar or related life theme or monad(MT) This is the reason why game learning ought to be visceral enough to my opinion, so that elements like pain et cetera can be felt in a positive way that it is easy to learn from it. Just like a kid that learns by making small mistakes by using pain as a indicator that the oven is too hot or too cold to touch. When agents are deciding to go on a path of pain then the consequences of such actions are just as much felt and experienced as if one would prefer or decide more joy over pain. These consequences are felt in their own unique way as well, which do not necessarily have to bring lasting contentment, bliss and joy etc. One could, for example, become famous for a thing they did which brought them joy during the process, and brought them fame as an end-result. The luring fame is, in and of itself, a potential tragic experience on itself and learning theme to be experienced. So even if most of the journey of life experience is marked by joy, excitement, bliss and happiness, then the ‘dragon’ of reality grows with it in the way that life throws harder and more difficult experiences at your plate to learn from again. Since otherwise it would be a dole game if the next obstacle or challenge to overcome is simply the same archetypal one perhaps disguised in a different format. The underlying challenges or learning curves could actually be very similar. Lets say that the dragon of greed is universal. Then one can assume that if there are extraterrestrials among us, they must have (or had) similar challenges to deal with. However, one can also assume then that these lessons could be better integrated if those extraterrestrials are more evolved on a spiritual level and done with the School Of Life on this planet so to speak.

This does not imply that there could not be some form of assistance by which not only checks and balances can be stabilized again, also on the spiritual level things can get more resolved if parties are willing to communicate, negotiate and learn from each other despite the enormous differences that there can be as well.

See Octagon notes on this other site which has an unknown expire date;

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