To be completely honest, I don’t know the fine details of how seasonal influences have impact on our psyche’s. But I do have some ideas on the topic that might help you in balancing your energy! During my journey I will give you more and more refined ideas on how you can cope with these patterns we see in nature and how they influence us.

In The Netherlands it is currently autumn season. Leaves are turning red to let go of their roots and to fuel the soil with new life force. The soil is harvesting the fruits of her labor during the spring and summer to accumulate vital resources for the winter. This process is quite similar to our mind-body connection. During this season you can experience an inward going experience of your energy instead of an expanding one. You tend to read more, have more introspection and less active activities. During this season you pick the fruits of your hard labor during the spring and summer. You then use these fruits to create new plans, projects and ideas during the autumn and winter season.

This is however not always in alignment with our believes of work-ethos. I love to be engaged in physical labor and during this season my workload is actually higher then other seasons because of Christmas! So here we have a confrontation between the flow of nature and our own will power. If we bring our will power to far we damage our bodies to an extend that we can become over stressed or burned out. So if you are like most people who are working there ass of during times where relaxation is key, then you put yourself in the risk zone of burning out!


It is literately burning out! You demand to much of your system and set yourself up for chronic illnesses if you do not listen to the pain teacher. There are multiple signals prior to a burnout that you can use to make lifestyle changes. Since I don’t know the fine details yet, I can only share with you the concept so far.

Important is to consider these concepts to see how they relate with your life. Do you recognize that you have a natural feeling to relax and peace your mind a little during these seasons of passiveness? Or are you the workaholic who does not listen to the body and burns himself out?

Stay strong!

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