how to build work ethic and structure in your life

Work ethic in structure, combined with a lethal dose of discipline will get shit done. Hard work pays off, is a simple fact easily understood and hard to put into practice. This is because it has nothing to do with understanding, but simply action and movement. Understanding things is important, but not ultimate in accomplishing your dreams or goals. It can make your journey more effective and efficient if you use your head, but it won’t give you the physical punch you need in order to keep on going and to execute the commands from the brain. You see many people having the greatest ideas, but lacking the call for action, action and more action.

Therefore, in order to build work ethic and structure, why not practice the same discipline used for execution in a contained environment? The physical body as a whole is like a machine, and how we manage it will determine our levels of energy and, therefore, our levels of productivity. So if we increase our work ethic, discipline and structure in working on our bodies, we can effectively use those same qualities in other endeavours throughout life.

So you don’t just train for the looks or guns, but also for the virtue and character that you are building up. This breeds an even stronger why in your motivation besides the beauty, strength and energy you gain. Bodywork will then be a daily ritual to keep you grounded, focussed and disciplined upon other goals throughout life.

Without work ethic, structure and the necessary physical punch, we dis empower ourselves and remain dependent upon others who can take care of us. Without execution we remain in our dream world and inner fantasies and never experience the sensible manifestation of them. By practising on the very instrument that is realising our dreams, we increase our changes of actually having the energy and focus to follow through on them.

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