How to hack your education

The power of education does not lay in your ability to read a million books as fast as possible. There has to be an integration in your character to convert the information available into practical knowledge you can apply in your daily life challenges. Only then, you are becoming educated. The word ‘educere’ means to ‘draw out’ or ‘take out’ in the etymology of the word. This indicates that is it crucial for you to move yourself from one point to another in your education. The meaning of education is then to lead you towards a point of higher understanding of the discipline you are interested in.

HOW this should be done is a very hot topic currently!

I recommend the reader to watch the documentary: IVORY TOWER http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3263520/

That can really help you in giving you a better perspective on how you want to educate yourself in times of economic despair.

I will now share my own personal experience in how I educate myself.

I have always bombarded my mind with interesting reads that I am passionate about. When I feel like I need more inspiration or more information about a subject I find appealing, I always seek for mentors in those particular area’s. I follow them rigorously in what they do and read by themselves. I then create a reading list that includes all of the resources they have used in order to educate themselves. By doing so, I can fully emerge myself in not only their psyche but also their knowledge and way of learning.

I would call this method ‘self-education’ or ‘autodidact learning’. You need to have a lot of self-reliance in order to stay motivated in your journey of education. You will notice an increase in your ability to tie together all the different perspectives on the resources you use. I call this way of thinking: metaphorical thinking. When your self-education grows into an organic development where one books leads to another and another, you can clearly see the deeper hidden pillars of knowledge. You then discover that by using metaphorical thinking you can actually become aware of the patterns multiple topics have a relationship with. Seeing this bigger picture can greatly enhance your understanding of reality and your inclinations.

The cool thing about this organic way of educating yourself is that you do not know exactly how your career will look like in the future. You are just following your love or your bliss and the mystery is how that will accumulate into a career path. Eventually you can better see the area’s you need to focus upon in order to grow towards a particular kind of direction in life. This will be your path, your TAO.

This video hopefully sheds some more light on this concept of education…


Summary of the benefits I see in self-education:

  • Organic way of educating yourself
  • You become creative with words
  • You develop an interest into other people their lives
  • It improves your story telling content (and we all have story to share)
  • You have more information to inform people of your perspective
  • You will hack your way through your education
  • It is adventurous and it gives you the freedom to create a completely new field of study

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