The creativity dilemma of the westernized world


“Creativity is your ability to use your memorized accumulation of life experience into a contextual soil of potential new imagination, mixture and possibility of those contexts.”

*Open for debate. Since what it is really then? If it is not creative it is artificial meaning that it is not perse new, just different and mixed up. True creation calls for being in the positive poles of your personality. Rather then being artificial one can also be creative (MT)

If one wants to enrich a person in his or hers creative ability, we need to consider to enrich their soil or contextual soup. If this soil or soup is enlarged by sharing insights, practical knowledge, wisdom and information, one can achieve helping on another on maximizing their creativity.

By mixing known elements into yet unknown and new potentials, one can be creative with its environment based on the elements that are known. The fractured meaning of education is, therefore, I believe the biggest investment you can make in increasing your own creative powers and quality of life. Education can mean two things in Latin, educare or educere. The former approaches it from drawing potential from within and the latter is approaching it with outside schooling, training or imprint.

You cannot help someone if you don’t know their inner soil, soup or contextual memory of accumulated life experience. This is the case in most of our educational systems. By sharing the wrong insights for the wrong contextual soup, we fail in educating our youth and future visionaries and engineers of the world. Both meanings of the word education need to be addressed in order to increase ones creativity. (in my humble opinion).

By sharing the right information for the right context, we can build upon things that was dormant before in the individual. Without this full spectrum approach, one cannot make the inner potential alive, but instead it remains dormant and, therefore, unused. Unused potential is one of the biggest downfalls one can see today in contemporary society.

In order to prevent an ever bigger downfall, I hope to inspire you with insightful and practical information. This way I hope we can help a brother and sister out in living up to their potential.

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