How to make natural tooth paste

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Most folks are accustomed in using chemicals for hygiene, nutrition and house-holding. The introduction of these chemicals for the sake of comfort and modernization, caused many to remove themselves from the well-being of themselves and the planet. Go figure, why choose comfort for the sacrifice of well-being… That is not really comfortable, right? Basically a brain paradox.

It is an ancient old tactic to use poison for the domestication of the enemy. I am not implying that behind all these chemicals are conspiracy theories, but it should raise great concern in terms of health, vitality and spiritual awareness. The pineal gland or also known as the ‘third eye’ in new age stuff,  is one of those organs that are very receptive for certain kind of chemicals, like heavy metals and fluoride. It does not have a defense mechanism to cope with these foreign intruders, or does it?

If you cannot pronounce the ingredient on a label, then don’t use it….? or go by trust and see how ones body responds on it. The humane genome system is the ‘equivalent’ of the substances one puts in and, I think, people should, therefore, pay attention to what we ingest into our systems. Hitler used fluoride to calcify the pineal gland and, therefore, weaken the potency of this organ. Fluoride is found in pretty much any governmental supply of water for the purpose of ‘filtering’ and ‘cleaning’ it.. The element fluoride as a natural substance is not harmful, but when created in a lab and purified, it can damage the ‘defensiveness’ pineal gland.  An organ responsible for tuning into greater self-knowledge and insight.

It makes sense, that destroying the ability of personal power and self-knowledge is the ‘greatest’ move a villain can do. And it is to my belief as well that by calcifying the pineal gland, people are confused, disorientated and weakened in their ability to express themselves more in tune with Self (capital S identity). You can look up all the scientific facts and studies that have been done to prove this. I am only sharing my perspective on this.

So! That being said, to be strong, is partly, to remove oneself from the chemical accumulation of your body. ‘A simple rule of thumb is that when you cannot pronounce the ingredient, you are better of not using it’ – Paul Chek. Since commercial toothpaste is loaded with chemicals to reduce cost and to increase profit, I decided to make my own.

You prevent a lot of visits to the dentist, if you have mastered your diet just a tad. Highly acid foods like junk-food and all the like, greatly increase your dentist bills. So instead of relying on that modern occupation, you can also choose to minimize your intake of acid and chemicals and to maximize alkaline foods and relatively good water sources. (since nothing is really pure anymore probably) Especially if you dwell in city areas.

The above will already minimize the amount of bacteria and decay you normally experience with the junk-food diet. Since acid is also found in the fruits you need, and since bacteria can always grow out of proportion, you need an alternative toothpaste:

This is a very simple recipe I have found on the internet. I used baking powder, (Himalaya) salt and home-made peppermint oil. So far, it has worked and you can look up all the scientific research that has been done of the pro’s and con’s of using baking powder… In my opinion it is always better then all the other junk the commercial brands have. (some brands are even loaded with simple sugars) Right? Lets make candy out of everything…

So get some peppermint leaves. Cut them real real small.
Then find some oil carrier that is organic and mix the two together
Do this process every day for 5 days, and remove the old leaves with new leaves. Add a little bit of carrier oil every day until you have peppermint oil after 5 days.
Add baking powder and salt to your oil until it is a smooth paste. I put it in a plastic bag and threw it in the fridge.

Eat clean and use this paste to clean your teeth and you should be fine..

Chemicals might a blessing in disguise to test our systems, but our bodies are simply not designed to use these substances for biological evolution. Rather, it creates involution.

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p.s. Some street singer in Tepoztlan also did this.

Wonder how he is doing actually.

In peace..

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