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In today’s continuum some insights and tips how to travel in a fun and efficient way;

A common shared dream is that of travelling the world, but only a few are making a reality out of this fantasy. Most of that is fear, but for many, also resources. I cannot help you with facing fear, except for an encouragement to do so, but I can help in sharing some budget tips.

As we speak, I am trying to sustain myself by living on a bike with a back pack and a tent. I don’t see many other ways to withhold some sense of comfort and be as free as I can be, without going full out jungle monkey. In a matter of fact, being a wild man nor woman or reuniting with your inner wild truth is not possible in today’s industrialised and capitalised systems of our societies. And when this inner fire has been lit up see the disgrace of your fellow men instead of a pension plan. The cheapest way of travel would be through our imagination, but this is mediocre compared to the full body experience physical travel can give you. Travel in the mind’s eye is fun, but what about having a sensible, touching and physical experience? We live in a world in where we need some basic necessities. Despite knowing this, many of us think they need more then they actually need to be content!

Let me break down your three biggest expenses when you are on the road:

  1. Transport
  2. Accommodation
  3. Food and water

These are the area’s you need to minimise if you want to travel inexpensive. This doesn’t count for breathtarians, hairy jungle man and teleporters 😉

As you can see in the pictures below, my Dutch Polish hand-made bike; minimalist, stainless steel, craftsmanship of simplicity is doing a fine job in getting me from A to B. The backpack of 25 kilo is a pain in the ass ( more the back, the bike is doing the ass part) to carry around, but allows me some of the luxuries from ‘home’ and the necessary repair, cooking and sleeping gear. It’s a wardrobe, bike shop, kitchen and gym all in once! I currently have a hate-love relationship with it, and called her Beggy.

The tent is hanging firmly on my bike and is just kicking it until the sun starts to set down. It feels like being in Minecraft, hiding for the dangers of the night in a cheap ass substitute of what you would like to call a ‘safe spot’. It is not for everybody, but it is always better then paying too much money for shelter or living below a bridge with the other outcasts.

I cook my own food on a gas station, which I preciously conserve when the times get rough. I made a little altar out of it when it is time to separate my butt from my horse, and I have to build my camp in some public spot or off road forest. I do groceries like any other regular joe,  but quickly seek refuge after a long trip near the best local camp spot. Fresh water is collected in my aluminium 1.5 L bottle, which I gratefully refill at every given opportunity.

Unfortunately, the sun sets down early in Denmark around this time of the year… So I will have to leave the warmth of this beautiful coffee shop sooner or later…..

“There is a beauty in jumping over the fence, not knowing what is on the other side, there is joy in the dangers of the night, there is pleasure in the harshness of the elements. Life goes unappreciated without a little challenge and misery.” – William Faulkner co-creation.

Follow up on my E-book in construction, which will also be a give-away;

The magical journey of travelling more with graceful strength – The Concept within a concept getting more tangible. (keesbergsol.nl)

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