How to use your awareness and become a beacon of light

Maybe it is a shared goal in life to enhance the awareness of ourselves, others and the world. Penetrating through the mysteries of reality and grasping its wisdom is our shared purpose. The reason is that you can make more quality enhancing decisions based upon the awareness you have. Instead of being stuck in ignorance, delusion or confusion, you empower yourself by understanding life. Think about this like you are walking in a dark room with only a flashlight to orientate yourself. The larger the span of light will be, the more you will see. Not only will you become aware of what is happening in the world and what the causes are, you will also encounter parts of yourself that you rather kept in the closet. Becoming aware is not always a fun ride, but it is an important one to consider.

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There are two ways to use your new awareness. A constructive one and a destructive one. The first is when you decide to help others in becoming aware to. The other one is to use your edge of intelligence in such a way that you become destructive for others. Because they do not have the information and knowledge you have, you can actually abuse their ignorance. Just watch what many marketing and sales companies are doing to be profitable. They win in the economic race, because they have an edge in awareness.

Both versions are being manifested in our society. It is up to you as an individual or company to decide how you wanna go about your intentions. That is the freedom of our will. I have experienced both versions of this. I can tell you that the first is the most fulfilling one, because you won’t sacrifice your integrity.. There is no better feeling then helping others in becoming stronger too. It really does not matter how you wanna do this. It can be done in every discipline or occupation. It is your mindset that is helping others or destructing them, not your particular field of interest. The hard truth is that we need both versions. Nature is always keeping things in balance by destruction and construction. The word ‘helping’ is therefore very subjected to the context.

So the question is HOW you want to RESPOND with the awareness you have. Responsibility is your ABILITY to RESPOND. The etymology of the word is very clear on this one. It is up to you how you want use your power and every circumstance has its appropriate way of responding to it. Sometimes it is NECESSARY to be destructive in order for new construction to happen.

I can only share you my experience. To be constructive for yourself and others means you KNOW how to RESPOND to any given circumstance in your life. My mission is to give you perspectives on HOW to go about these challenges. It is not my intention to decide for you, but all I can do is to inspire you with new ways of evolving yourself and others.

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