“If life is about art then making the best experience is the finest craft”

Making choices on itself can be seen as an art in that life itself resembles uncertainty. Considering that we have limited knowledge about life, are making choices like crafting a sculpture. Not fully sure how the end result will be, navigating from moment to moment, piece by piece. The end result will stay uncertain, doesn’t matter how calculated and precise our visions and plans are.

Therefore, to keep our daily lives simple, are most of our choices guided by our values and mental models of the world. A mental model is like a framework that helps us ‘frame’ the way we interpret life. Those models bring down the complexity of life in more simple and understandable concepts from which we can make further choices.

The art begins as soon as we have to make choices about issues that exceeds our mental models of the world. From that point onward, life is more like an art in which we let ourselves be guided by feelings rather then ‘knowing’ what we’re doing.

And where that line of science stops, the art of life starts..

How do you deal with questions that simply exceed some mental models?

Do you settle for an answer that satisfies and fits within your model, but isn’t really a workable or practical solution? or do you seek guidance somewhere else?

Let me know your thoughts about this concept below!



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