Jealousy creates division

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In today’s retirement another article that bites the dust a little. In this article I try to explain how the often strong emotion of jealousy can divide the finest among each other, which causes its own set of catastrophes when that happens. Romantic jealousy has the force to bring entire empires down basically.

Jealousy is like any other emotion spontaneous and subtle of nature. However, this doesn’t mean we have to obey to such emotions. Jealousy is just like hatred and anger a way of dividing things that were once whole. We can learn too minimize such emotions too an extend in which we can remain in an equilibrium of oneness with ones own inner center without loosing touch with relationships due to jealousy as an example. Imagine the freedom one can experience in relationships when jealousy is not so much on the forefront any more. Imagine if one can be able to give ones spouse ‘away’ to someone else without having hard feelings since according to my view on it one cannot own the other. Rather one can live with and learn how to be with the other while finding some way of ‘live and let go’ attitude in understanding that it is not forever written in stone so to speak.

For some this might sound ridiculous or crazy and for others a new way of being. By having an emotional centeredness in which strong emotions like jealousy are not suppressed but transmuted, we can experience new ways of treating each other. Possessiveness will disappear, and attachments and counter-dependence will fade away when such emotions are transmuted.

Like anything, this is a practice of trial and error. It might sound ideal, but it is hard in practice. Personally, I have worked consciously on this for quite some time now, and it makes me able to compliment people who are far ahead of me, to give freedom to those I love, and to bless those with more potential then me.

Did you ever had a kind of success in which some of your friends just turned full green out of jealousy? Instead of celebrating your success they turn the eye black and give you nothing but negativity.

Being emotionally centered can give us an enrichment of better relationships and, therefore, a better world.

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