It is so easy to loose yourself in your own bubble, that you neglect those of others. Life is challenging, and we can all admit that through personal experience. Heck, it would be boring if it was that easy! However, in our own misery and sorrow we often have a destructive effect upon others. We dump our emotional baggage and problems upon others and leave them with nothing more then stank. Often times, this happens without our awareness, and we fail in seeing the impact we have upon others.

This is an unfortunate thing, since it is a choice how we want to treat others. Everyone would agree that it is better to leave a person enriched then stolen, so why do so many leave others stolen? This is due to a lack of self-mastery and stability. If you as a person are too immersed in worry and trouble, how can you ever be their for someone else? It would be impossible to help someone, if you cannot help yourself. Why take children, if you don’t know how to properly take care of yourself?

These are all questions that can make one think… If we are really honest and real, then we would admit that even the best of us, deplete our garbage onto others sometimes. It could be the person next to you, your wife, your children or a simple stranger. It happens so often that we give our ugliness, instead of our beauty.

Leave your fellow man enriched, and you shall be a rich man.

All the best,


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