After a long and draining bike trip from Flensburg – Germany to Kolding – Denmark, you want a warm, welcome place with good coffee! This is what I have found; Coffee & print, a humble, but well designed cafeteria, with a homey and mellow atmosphere. You could quickly notice the place was quite new, since it looked very fresh and felt untouched. The hostess looked a bit stressed, and I can imagine why, since you could notice a lot of emotion has been invested into making it beautiful.

Being a digital nomad, good WIFI and spots with electricity are vital for my survival. Without WIFI or electricity, I cannot do my work and recharge my camera’s and laptop. I could upload a Youtube video within a few hours, without any hick ups, and I had luck that I could sit at the one spot with electricity. Hospitality for me is knowing what your guest needs and doing your best in fulfilling that. The hostess did an amazing job in doing just that, although I could notice she was a bit stressed..

The big glasses make it look bigger then it is, and this sense of space gave me a little more air to breath, although that’s all in the mind. By the end of the day, I have done everything I wanted to do, and drank a good strong dark along the way. Including the option to print your own shirts, she gives a creative twist to what it means to be in a coffee shop. This spot is great to just gather with your friends and kick back, or to work on your projects and getting into your zone.

In the end of the day, she hooked me up with some croissants before I went onto my bike again. Something I can really appreciate, since cycling all day takes fuel! Such little things are what makes you remember a person or place, and if you happen to be in Kolding, you should definitely check this place out, and taste the atmosphere and coffee 😉

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