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Since I have studied Bedrijfskunde/MER, I would like to try to post more content about the actual literature I read during my bachelor studies and in my own small collection of books. The master study anthropology and development studies is still in the loop for now.

Lean management was of particular interest since it really makes operational activities much more effective and efficient. This (practical) philosophy is more focused on a process level rather then a strategic level. Therefore, I have not touched upon the details of such philosophies a lot on this website. Personally, I like details, so its about time to do my best to share in more detail ‘how to make an organization thrive’. Articles like these will fall under one of the three cornerstones of this ‘research’ site, namely that of ‘thriving’ as an individual and organization.

One important concept I want to share today, and one I still remember well is that of having a ‘clean gemba’ or relatively clean floor quite literally speaking. The general idea is that with a clean and neat working environment one would allow the people working in that environment to be more calm in their mind and, therefore, potentially more productive and at ease as well. This ties in nicely with the practice of Feng Shui by which one overall health could be enhanced due to certain household practices. I do practice these concepts and ways of life in my own life, however, I am not a perfectionist (even though I can remember listening to an audio book in Shanghai during the packed metro’s xd) that all perfectionist claim not to be one (Simon Winchester).

That being said, the underlying philosophy of Lean management and manufacturing is quite simple in its practices. This is due to differences in Asian and Western philosophies by which the classic Asian ones are more based around finding simplicity in ones life and the classic Western ones are more emphasized on finding safety and comfort through technological means. These key differences between the two philosophies is something I have been working on to bridge on this website and will be working on for quite some time. Since there is still much to dis-cover before, I think, one can finally gap the differences in themselves by coming to some form of mutual understanding between such seemingly extreme opposites between ‘west and east, north and south’ The point of the matter is now to organize the content more and more, and perhaps add and explain more and more in already existing content.

For now the website is much like a creative maze, web or a labyrinth, and, I would like to let it stay like that, otherwise you draw the myth out of the world, which would be boring.



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