During our progress of individual development as human beings, we live by the choices we make and the actions and challenges we take. As we grow older and, sometimes, wiser through these experiences, we have this tendency to enforce our fellow men our belief system concerning the way to live. This mindset of enforcing our fellow men instead of inspiring them is causing many unnecessary consequences. We are unfortunately still in an age and time in human history where destructive hierarchy systems are still active at some level. This mindset is the cause of a global destruction of individual creativity that is restricting the unique inner genius everybody possesses and the opportunity to manifest it into t your surroundings.

Only a few people are stubborn and self-centered enough to follow through on their own inner voice, and, therefore not get distracted by the stories other people are telling them.

It are those people who can make an effort in this world to achieve their highest potential without following someone else their expectations of them.  The level of development you are currently at should only be compared to others as a source of inspiration and not as some obligated level to achieve.

People who are rapidly growing in whatever skill, talent or area they are focusing on should not perceive themselves as a higher being of some sort. It is the root of arrogance that is causing polarization at many levels. In essence we are all the same with different colors and styles. It is up to you what kind of color you want to become.

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