The conceptual nature of this blog made more practical over time.

Hi there,

*Obviously this article was one of the first articles written down during my stay in China.

so treat it as a story, as it is.

“I eat many things from life so I can grow as an individual.

I am thankful and embrace the beautiful dishes nature offers me.

I enjoy the pleasure of short term fulfillment and appreciate every bit I can take with all my senses.

I am constantly evolving and growing as an individual, I allow the changes to happen without judging it shape.

Let my own cooking in life be used as guidance how other people can eat more and learn to offer their food to others.

Let my own cooking be the inspiration from which other people can grow as individuals, so that they can cook too.

I am not a chef or an eater, I am both”

*This article sounds like a person practicing his art for writing. 

Not to mention that, I think, there is a certain power to the power of affirmation when times are harsh.

Even though, I read somewhere that even the greatest people on the globe have a tipping point.

It can’t always be as graceful as it is.

When nature is as it wildest point, this could be a red flag for things to change…


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